SIARQ participates in the 7th framework program of the European Commission through the SPABRINK project which will allow us to integrate a new advertising solution into our products. SIARQ’s involvement has been strongly encouraged due to our experience in engineering new urban furniture’s solutions, especially in the field of sustainable applications.

The team for this project is composed of companies from different countries (United Kingdom, Hungary, Netherlands, and Spain) and different commodity sectors (mechanical designers and communication, manufacturers, electrostatic developers, end users- advertising company and distributor- powder manipulators and controllers, and electrostatic technology experts).

SPABRINK is proposed to be a near real-time outdoor advertising tool in which the display can be changed by mechanical and electrostatic means. This eliminates the generation of harmful environmental waste by using the innovative combination between new and existing technologies. By developing a tool that is capable of displaying static images that can be changed digitally through the internet, there will be reusable and self-printing advertising boards capable of filling the gap between static and dynamic advertising.

The main innovations are in overcoming the existing limitations in the use of the static techniques such as: wasted paper, glue, ink, inability of real time advertising, or human resources, and in the limitations of dynamic techniques such as: constant consumption of energy, glare from the sun, light pollution, and curved surfaces.

SPABRINK is created to only use energy during the image change and can be operated remotely; the printed image can be wiped off while the ink can be reused after separation. Furthermore, the technology, thanks to the use of a flexible board, will allow displaying images on curved surfaces making it the only available tool for certain markets (bus stops, or advertising pillars, or streetlights). These characteristics make the new product in line with SIARQ’s eco-friendly values and are easily implementable in our products.