The European Consortium of R&D SOLAR DESIGN funded by the Seventh Framework Program of the European Commission compiled a team to begin working in January of 2013. SIARQ was asked to be apart of this team that over the course of three years, will study a new process for producing thin-film solar panels that will allow you to develop customizable CIGS photovoltaic models adaptable to the desired voltage, power, size and shape.

SIARQ will take on the task of investigating applications of the new technology in the fields of product integrated photovoltaic (PIPV) and building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) from the conception to the final solution. Specifically, SIARQ will develop a new generation of smart solar lighting products and a revolutionary photovoltaic module designed for the integration into the architecture of geodesic structures.

After the three years of design, research, development and prototyping these new products, they will have a future in commercialization. All of this will take place thanks to the agreement between different between different companies, research institutes and universities across Europe including Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Denmark and Italy. For more information visit