The Change Makers team in SIARQ, leaded by Axelle Vergés, has recently designed an innovative marketing approach for promoting SOLAR HUB: the S.H.O.C. PROGRAMME (SOLAR HUB OPEN COLLABORATION PROGRAMME). This initiative ( enables municipalities and citizen to co-create this new generation of urban furniture using a 3 steps action and making of SOLAR HUB the first solar product that integrates citizens in the decision making and development.

SOLAR HUB was launched last Autumn during the Internet of Things Event and in the Smart Cities Expo in Barcelona. It is a new generation of SMART & SOLAR urban furniture, able to combine street lighting, micro-generation of solar energy and support for Smart Cities devices. Much more than a solar streetlight, it is a SOLAR Urban HUB, “all in one element” able to give space and energy to the latest technological solutions for Smart Cities that will improve the well-being of people, foster an “eco” and intelligent growth as well as creating healthy and harmonious urban landscapes.