Recently SIARQ team has trained at ESADE Business School in the topics of Marketing Dive to Business Model, offered by KIC-Innoenergy.

KIC-Innoenergy is a commercial company that is headquartered in the Netherlands. KIC was created under the leadership of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. They provide services in education, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The goal of KIC is to be a leading engine for innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of sustainable energy. The aim to achieve this by: reduction of cost of energy value chain, increase of security, reduction of carbon and other green house gas emissions.

SIARQ has been chosen by KIC to complete an in-depth marketing study in collaboration with others. Our team includes: Technalia; an applied research and technology organization in Spain that aims to contribute to the development of the economic and social environment, SECE; an energy savings company that focuses on smart lighting and the integrated management of energy, and Sunplugged; an Austrian based company that develops and manufactures flexible photovoltaic modules that are light-weight, flexible and easy to integrate.

Together our team is working to achieve our goal of developing a product that will allow the introduction of photovoltaic energy into our cities.