SIARQ is consolidating its position in the R&D of innovative products for Smart Cities environment with the integration in the European consortium LUMENTILE. This consortium takes part in the HORIZON 2020 projects and is formed by a group of companies,technological centers and university from different parts of Europe such as Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Finland  (UNIPV, VTT, EXYS, JUL, KERA, SIARQ, KIM).

Since long ago, one of the most desired features in interior design and advertising is the possibility to change the colour of objects, as the visual perception is the most powerful way of conveying information and emotions. It is the frame of design-driven application that the idea of LUMENTILE was conceived.

Over the next three years (until early 2018), SIARQ will guide this European project to a totally new way of architectural integration, creating new radical aspects, shapes and spaces in contemporary architecture!