Measurement of atmospheric pollutants, delivered in real time on mobile applications.

The Urban Brain is SIARQ’s digital software that allows you to monitor in the air quality of your city, port or industrial area through real-time data, environmental reports, quality indicators and a system of alarms and notifications

How it works

Through our digital platform, we can offer a service of monitoring and control of environmental data in real time. We can download environmental reports automatically and customize them according to our interests, to obtain summarized and useful environmental information about our city. These reports can be used as a tool for environmental education, as well as in other sectors such as health and energy and also to increase social cohesion and awareness.

Display of environmental data

To have control of the activities and the air that citizens are breathing, to identify the most and least favourable points and to identify actionable follow ups.

Customization and download of environmental reports

Automatic generation of detailed environmental reports without draining a municipalities human and time resources, to make political, social, and environmental decisions and to take action.

Predictive data and analysis of future situations

Environmental consultancy service that allows us to evaluate the state of atmospheric pollution.

Alarm system and early maintenance

Attend emergencies as soon as possible and prevent further breakdowns

Setting environmental alerts and warnings

Avoid exposures to high concentrations of pollutants reducing health costs and premature deaths.

Verify the progress of the different indicators

Tools to audit the progress of the different objectives that are established.