We are glad to announce that SPABRINK prototype has been manufactured and tested successfully meeting all the requirements of a beta prototype system level (TRL6)!

This goal was able to be achieved thanks to the funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration.

SPABRINK novel advertising system is a cost effective and environmentally friendly real-time outdoor media tool that provides the same visual effect as a paper billboards, but eliminates the need of single use posters and adhesives. Consecutive adverts can be displayed periodically without creating waste and the system consumes energy only during image changing, consequently it could be also battery operated. SPABRINK could therefore help us to green the advertising industry by reducing waste materials, thus, saving our fragile environment for the future generations.

The system operates like a printer, utilizing colored powder deposited onto a special electrostatic surface with unique printing heads. Super color rendering is achieved through custom-developed color-mixing system while wireless communication interface enables remote image changing and actual content monitoring.

The system is in process of patenting and the product is ready now for further development at industrial level and for commercialization.