At SIARQ we love technology. The 4 technological pillars that form the backbone of SIARQ technology are: Solar, Ambient, Lighting and IoT.


We are Solar Lovers. We are at the forefront of solar technology as applied to urban systems. A long experience, several international patents, and more than 5 years of R&D have enabled us to develop a unique paraboloid photovoltaic module that allows us to capture solar energy from all 360º creating a solar module well suited for urban designs.

We use high efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells, >20%, and industrial encapsulation systems.

Our solar panels comply with all CE directives and quality tests, and have a life span of more than 20 years.


Our commitment to the environment has led us to integrate high quality environmental gas detection systems with the best European brands of environmental sensors. The systems are engineered on our HDW Sensor2Cloud board and are able to detect both ambient gases and noise. Our URBAN BRAIN Platform includes a sophisticated algorithm that allows us to calculate in real time the Air Quality Index or AQI (Air Quality Index) thanks to Cloud Computing.


We are backed by years of experience in this sector: SIARQ installed the first solar LED street light in Spain back in 2008, way before LED technologies had been widely consolidated in Europe. Today we use the latest LED street lighting technology, with compact optics and colour temperatures between 3000K-5600K. We can light pedestrian areas as well as cycling paths and secondary streets (class S1). SIARQ lighting systems are intelligent as they integrate automatic luminous flux reduction technology with patented charge regulators. All our LED systems have IP65 connectors and industrial grade components.


Since the beginning of our business adventures, we knew that the internet was going to change the world. And thus, Internet of Things (IoT) technology is at the core of all our SIARQ solutions. Our extensive experience in IoT as well as in hardware and software systems development has allowed us to develop an AGILE and INTEROPERABLE data architecture.


We integrate LoRa Wan, Wifi and ESP Mesh technology as standards in our solutions.