Radio Monitoring Module​

What is

The RMM or Radio Monitoring Module is an IoT device that collects environmental data from a Modbus RTU device and send them to the Cloud through secure protocols. It is a real bridge connecting Industry 3.0 devices to Industry 4.0 devices.

You can collect for all kinds of parameters, both meteorological, as well as air and noise pollution and also data from MPPT solar controllers. It allows for the sending and storing of all these environmental and technological data sets to the cloud for further visualizations.

How it works

The RMM collects data from the sensors and the solar controller using the Modbus RTU protocol. Once collected, it sends them to the cloud using the MQTTS protocols (an intercommunications method for Internet of Things devices with each other) or LoRaWAN (a specification of a LPWAN ‘Low Power Wide Area Network’ proposed by the Lora Alliance and designed communications between low cost and low power devices powered by batteries).

Remote monitoring and telemetry.

Data in the Cloud.

Change device parameters remotely.

Alarms and notifications.

Advantages and applications

Data can be read remotely (sensor measurements, battery current and state of charge, LED power, temperature, etc.) and settings can me modified remotely (e.g. lighting profile and sensor thresholds…).


RMM integrates well with other solar solutions. The French company Sunna Design, a world leader in smart solar lighting, has incorporated our RMM into their products secure in the knowledge that their data transfers to the cloud reliably.