Designer: Alessandro Caviasca, architect
Collaborators: Pablo de Laguarigue, architect

LUX+ offers different combinations to adapt to the needs of the public spaces. Its structure is an innovative way to promote services, products, etc. Creative and different, LUX+ grabs the attention of people day and night, thanks to its light box advertising system.

The simplicity of its design and the versatility of its use; like solar streetlights, benches, and public advertisement, are key characteristics of the LUX+ solar streetlight. It can integrate one or more lamps, urban signage (parking lot, information about spectacles of the city, etc.), and has the option of box light advertising. Finally, this structure is designed to be used as a comfortable seat in urban areas or parks.

With the integration of the latest technological advances of SIARQ’s investigation and innovation programs, the solar streetlight LUX+ produces energy during the day to consume throughout the night, the energy is stored in batteries located in the lighting systems. These are easy to install and do not need connection to electricity. The versatility of the LUX+ streetlight makes it suitable for all types of rural and urban spaces like parks, walkways, bike lanes, etc.

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