Designer: Alessandro Caviasca, architect

Collaborator: Sarai Garrido, industrial designer
BAMBU was created to achieve energetic balance, and to produce enough energy needed for illumination. Due to its inclination, it allows a better collection of solar power. Grid connection model reuses energy produced by the PV panel.
BAMBU emerges in the city like a sustainable solution to streetlamps that comply with new regulations regarding light pollution.
Profitable, modern, and ecological, this urban streetlamp creates a better future.

BAMBU functions like a street light and a photovoltaic generation plant. This street light connects to a network composed of a mast 5 meters tall, made of.

The elegant curve in the top part of the structure is a reminiscence of bamboo plant, while the gentle inclination serves to guide the solar panels and maximize the generation of electricity.

The unique design of BAMU allows for camouflage integration of the photovoltaic panels.

This street light is designed for zones that are able to connect to local energy lines. The BAMBU street light has positive net energy, i.e., the energy generated in this photovoltaic model and from the power lines is greater than the energy consumed for the luminaire.

The solar street light BAMBU combines an esthetically elegant architectural design with a generation of solar energy that is very efficient. Therefore, it is an excellent complimentary element for any urban landscape design.

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