SIARQ has begun to deploy a network of Solar Hubs throughout Spain, starting in Barcelona. Three representatives of the Siarq team went to Sant Cugat (Barcelona), last Friday, October 15, to support the installation of Solar Hubs, located in the strategic points of the municipality.

Thanks to technological innovation and the collaboration of engineers, designers, sales teams, and environmentalists, it has been possible to implement the Solar Hub, a system to measure air quality and noise levels. Our main goal is to improve the quality of life of citizens. To give tools to carry out their daily activities while being respectful to their health and nature.

Solar Hub Solution, data as a service, has environmental sensors and highly efficient LED lighting, also powered by the photovoltaic energy of its solar infrastructure. The dome-shaped photovoltaic panel also offers an aesthetic by its environment, with the elements integrated into the structure, which simplifies its maintenance.

Establishing indicators and compiling them into information systems allows us to validate data, make decisions and manage reality. As William Thomson Kelvin, a British physicist and mathematician (1824–1907), puts it: “What is not defined cannot be measured. What is not measured cannot be improved. What does not improve, degrades forever.” And it is that what is not measured, cannot be managed. So simple.

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