We are Solar Lovers

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Solar Urban HUB

Our latest solution to reduce pollution in cities and take care of the health and well-being of citizens.


City flourishing under the Sun

TULIPAN the new Smart & Solar Streetlight


Citizen centered solar design

We help you to illuminate your urban projects with solar energy, oriented to citizen's wellness.


Clean energy, caring designs

SIARQ integrates design solar energy into urban landscapes.


Green, elegant and smart cities

SIARQ works to reduce the CO2 emission of the cities.


Design and manufacture of solar lights and photovoltaic urban furniture sided with the needs of the new architecture projects


Do you have your own idea of the design that you are looking for? Let us know.


Solar lamps that chase sun and beauty. Have a look at our catalog.


Designed & manufactured in Barcelona.


Seafronts and river walks

Bike lanes and interurban connection routes

Parks, gardens and landscaping

Urban districts restyling


Siarq firma un Joint Venture en California

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SIARQ firma un acuerdo de Joint Venture con BATL, una incubadora americana ubicada en Red Wood City, en la bahía de San Francisco, cerca de Palo Alto. SIARQ será socia mayoritaria…

FREE SOLAR ENERGY at home and nomad way of life… We are solar lovers!

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Nos hemos enamorado de este nuevo sistema de almacenamiento de energía solar y hemos firmado un acuerdo de distribución exclusiva con la startup rusa Wattsbattery para comercializar las baterías en…

¿Eres un Solar Lover? ¡Puedes invertir en SIARQ!

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Gracias a nuestra campaña de crowdfunding, con una contribución mínima puedes comprar participaciones de SIARQ y convertirte en socio de una empresa barcelonesa innovadora y llena de energía positiva. Tu…

Successful participation during the Smart City Expo World Congress recreating the city of the future with the Solar Urban HUB!

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We were invited by Smart Catalonia to present during three days at SCEWC2019 the new Solar Urban Hub solution generating Light & Data to illuminate the cities. Our proposal to…