Alessandro Caviasca

CEO & Founder

He studied Civil Engineering at the University of Padova (Italy), obtaining his degree as an Engineer in 1995. After studying for a further two years in E.T.S.A.B. (UPC) in Barcelona, he qualified as an Architect in Spain in 1998. Since 1995 he has been developing his professional skills by working with major architecture practice in Barcelona, such as the studios EMBT and Ricardo Bofill Arquitectura. In 1999 he established his own practice SIARQ that became a limited company in 2003. Since then he focused his work in the integration of solar energy in architecture and urban products, creating architectural projects based on sustainability, and designing sustainable urban elements that integrate new functionalities, advanced smart technologies and production of renewable energy.

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Axelle Vergés

Co-founder, Business Designer & Innovative Marketing consultant

Business & creativity is the perfect combination for Axelle! Business woman of New Generation, she graduated in Business in 1996 by the Oxford Brookes University in England and the business school ESEC in Barcelona. She had also a degree  in communication by the University of Avignon (France) in 1993. Her professional carrer started at the french TV chain M6 (Metropole Televisión) in Paris and in severals marketing agencies in Barcelona. In 1998 she became one of the first e-business consultant in Spain for innovative projects in the ITC sector, working with clients such as “la Caixa”, Catalan TV and major publishing houses, among others. In 2000 she became independent in order to foster, promote and develop business projects related to the fields of culture, society, and ecology.

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Carles Sanchez

Associate Partner, Responsible for Sales and Business Development

Carles has a Bachelor in Business Administration and an MBA at URL & Manhattan College of NY.  Carles has a huge experience in sales mostly oriented at the industrial sector due to his previous job positions as Director of the industrial business of Spain at Cushman & Wakefield and  Director of the industrial business of Spain at CBRE. At the beginning of his career he was Sales Regional Manager at TNT Express España and  Deputy Director of Production at Estampats Orient (SAS stamping and dyeing company in flat fabrics). Carles has recently founded a start-up in the field of energy savings,  called Energy Solutions Srl. He joined SIARQ team as Associate Partner in 2009.

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Jordi Binefa

Electronics & IOT expert

Jordi Binefa is passionate in the field of electronics. He is electronic engineer and Master in Telecom engineering with vast experiences in developing hardware, firmware and software to integrate systems. He mainly works on Linux but most of the developments are designed to be cross- platform. He is a developer and designer of S4A. Developing pay-per-view systems for I2S, including firmware and server software. He implemented and developed server-side software and client side communications firmware part of DynamicNameTag, server side software and client side communications firmware part of time-lapse picture system. He recently implemented and developed the IoT system of FASCOM SOLAR HUB system. Jordi is also permanent teacher in the School Jesuites del Clot in Barcelona since 1992.

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Rudolph Santarromana

Project Engineer and Management Coordinator

Rudolph Santarromana is a Civil and Environmental Engineer focused on Construction Management and Sustainability with several years of experience in the building materials manufacturing industry. He earned his degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he published research on construction materials in the Transportation Research Board Journal. He has worked on projects for Chicago O’Hare International Airport, The Federal Aviation Administration, The New York Mass Transit Authority, Stanford Hospital, and several other commercial projects throughout North America and the Philippines. He is passionate about finding sustainable solutions in transportation and buildings.

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Sarai Garrido

Industrial Designer

Sarai has a bachelor in Industrial Design graduating with honors in Mexico City. She started her professional career in design and architecture studios developing urban and POP furniture. Then she started working in a company developing solutions and new designs of fixed seating for public spaces, having the opportunity to collaborate with international partners and with important clients of the entertainment, cultural and artistic industries. Thanks to her results and commitment to the company, she started managing a team of designers and engineers to develop innovation projects since the concept until the production process and market launch. She also acquired experience in another organization developing graphic and industrial design solutions for marketing and promotion. Sarai has an MBA at ITESM in Mexico City, which gave her new abilities, tools and a global vision in management, strategy and sustainability. Nowadays she´s studying a Master in Product Design and Development at Elisava in Barcelona. Sarai joined SIARQ team to collaborate in the development of innovative solutions and market applications.

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