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Sustainable housing

Client: Ayuntamieto de Cerro Murriano
Location: Cerro Murriano, Córdoba, Spain
Date: 2007

Create sustainable housing with type A energy

Competition for the ideas of the construction of 52 houses for young people integrated into a existing natural and urban environment. The residential complex is based on the reinterpretation of the traditional home highlighting elements that belong to the Andalusian traditions such as sun patios, ventilation chimneys inspired by Arabs and contemporary architectural elements. The functionalist project where the form is a result of a function and where the energy efficacy of the building takes priority to the eficiency (Cradle to Cradle paradigm); and the following sustainability criteria were applied: guidance and radiation so the patio functions as an energy regulator, passive energy saving measures through natural ventilation and heating help in the yard where the use of air flows help with thermal mass and insulation, combination of traditional Arab tile roofs and the roof gardens act as thermal insulators, the well ensures natural cooling of the housing as well as the solar chimney with the double function in the summer and winter and the module ACS guarantees hot water.

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