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Innovation for exterior advertising

Evolution of urban sustainable furniture has “smart and luminous” solutions to increase brand awareness.

Thanks to our connections with the world of architecture and urbanism, SIARQ adds to the energy created by big events and developments of the city to promote solar integration and renewable energies in a new generation of street furniture.

Based on the new challenges of large brands, companies or collectives with territorial interests, SIARQ presents innovative solutions for media advertising which promotes “ecological” along with policies of “social and environmental responsibility” of enterprises. Integrating the following:

  • Converts brands into sponsors of the sustainable urban furniture
  • Designing new products or commercial communication by integrating the latest technological advances in the generation of clean energy and TIC
  • Think of new urban models and uses relationships with consumers
  • Ensure a high ROI of each proposal
  • Foster the impact on the means of communication

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Innovation for exterior advertising