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Industrial building

Client: Ayuntamiento de Corvera de Asturias
Date: 1998
Surface module base: 500m2
Use: offices and warehouses
Type: Insulated building

Project: Industrial building model
The theme of this project is the creation of a prototype of an industrial building that is ecologically sustainable, modular and easy and quick construction.

The module base (500 m2) is expandable up to 700 m2. The module can be repeated according to the needs of the final users allowing an easy aggregation of sequentially. The internal spaces are airy, allowing spacial organization by means of mobile office furniture. The side walls are self-supporting and removable.

It is composed of three elements added in succession with front access by a wooden bridge over a reflecting pool:

  • The curtain wall: integrated in its facade are photovoltaic modules for the generation of electric energy and solar panels for the heating of the water and the building.
  • Central block: uses concrete panels prefabricated for the assembly of the central nucleus where the services and vertical communications are located.
  • Cover: The roof is made of beams of laminated wood and covered in sheet metal of zinc.

*Project developed in the course of a public competition organized for the Ayuntamiento de Corvera de Asturias (selected project)

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