Designer: Alessandro Caviasca
Collaborators: Marco De Togni, Giovanni Guiotto

Its design and technology make the HOM solar stand-alone streetlight model particularly attractive for installations in strategic and center areas of the city. The structure turns into an innovative way to promote products or services creating a different way to communicate and capture the attention of people on the street.

The solar aspect of the HOM streetlight structure makes it ideal to combine with contemporary architecture in new urban areas. Because of its high stature, HOM symbolizes the commitment to sustainable development which municipalities or private companies want to communicate to the public. This aspect of communication can be reformed by the use of an adhesive “sarong” that can “dress” the base of the structure with advertisements of the sponsoring brands who would like to provide free energy to the city!HOM was the first solar streetlight design that integrated the LED illumination system. It has an innovative system of electronic management of energy, was developed and patented by SIARQ, increases eco-efficiency of the lighting system, and ensures light throughout the night all year long.

Today, HOM continues to be a main streetlight product of SIARQ. Produced and distributed in Spain for the company Carandini, the versatility of HOM has no limit: new adhesive sarongs allow customization of advertising and turns urban furniture “Smart and Luminous”.

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