Designer: Alessandro Caviasca

The city of Dole, France, commissioned the SIARQ team to conceptualize a collection of furniture integrating solar energy for a new urban zone. The collection includes a symbolic structure, generation plant for photovoltaic energy, TOTEM (to be installed before the new public building of the Commanderie), furniture for the gardens of the Metamorfosis situated along the river composed of autonomous solar streetlights, solar pergola and solar dock and finally, intended for the traffic roundabouts some photovoltaic generation plants whose design is inspired of the corporate elements of the logo of the new zone.

Convey the image of a modern city and focused to the well-being of its citizens, in a continuous process of transformation and evolution towards a sustainable future. Raise awareness among citizens and companies to the use of renewable energy.

Humanize the asphalt, giving life to the city and provide it with a new public space.