casaRodona Siarq

Casa Rodona

Client: private
Location: L’Escala (Girona)
Total area constructed: 250 m2
Area renovated: 60 m2
Year: 2004-2004
Use: residential
Type: Single-family home

Reform and expand the Casa Rodona
The project aimed to convert the room into an actual semicircular terrace, adjacent to the lounge rooms and kitchen, in a gallery; this gallery closed during winter months and open during summer months, will allow level light in as well as good protection of sun rays

This will pay particular attention to the design of solar protection (brise-soleil) so it can permit a good level of daylight throughout the entire year.

The plant has been widened and lengthened allowing for better ventilation and lighting of the interior spaces as well as more direct views of the garden areas.

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