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canMatas Siarq


Can Matas

Architectural project for 60 bioclimatic apartments in Tiana

Promotor: Focomin Residencial SL
Location: Tiana, Barcelona
Project date: 2005-2006
Work: 2007-2009
Type: Apartment building PB + 2 + attic

Project: Construct 60 bioclimatic apartments.

The housing complex has chosen to divide the apartments in two blocks of 36 and 24 unites to adapt to the existing topography and shape of the land. The two blocks are functionally organized into 10 independent portals; each portal has a staircase with an elevator for 6 apartments. To adapt to the topography of the north-block, there are 4 staggered levels. Sunlight and daylighting: the retrieved location eliminates projected shadows of one building onto another also allowing each apartment to have a preferential view of the garden. Particular attention was paid to the design of the brise-soleil to allow adequate control of light to the inside of each apartment. Thermal sensors and solar building protection function as thermal collectors in the winter and terrace blinds in the summer. The ceiling has integrated some modules for generation of hot water (ACS) through solar thermal panels. Ventilation crosses each block of stairs creating basically a corridor with main rooms, dinning room and kitchen, oriented in the direction south and south-east. The bedrooms, in the north and north-east direction obtain cross-ventilation for each of the apartments. Roof gardens and areas not occupied by buildings will be private gardens that will belong to the ground floor.

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