BIPV in the headquarters of electricity of Spain

Client: Red Eléctrica de España
Location: La Moraleja. Madrid, Spain

Project: Proposal competition winner of SOLIDI for the integration of photovoltaics in the headquarters of REE in Madrid.

Formed by a cover of 47 kWp PV in the courtyard of the east building, a few PV pergolas and sunshade in the south building of 98 kWp and a PV generator type TOTEM in the entrance of the building. The objective is to create enough photovoltaic energy and is a unique and simple, that integrates the morphology of the building without affecting the identity and aesthetic value.

The result is lightweight and highly transparent, studied to ensure maximum penetration and control (daylighting) of the solar lighting in the interior of the building during all of the months year round, and prevent reduction of the entrance of light of the effect of the cover.

Due to the lower inclination of the sun’s rays, and thanks to the calibrated combination of different densities of photovoltaic cells, the cover allows the entrance of sunlight in winter, while in the summer the structure protects the spacious walls of glass from excessive direct radiation.

The proposal also includes the installation of a photovoltaic generation plant in the entrance of the headquarters.

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