bellcaire Siarq


BIPV in a particular house

Client: particular
Location: Bellcaire d’Empordá, Girona, España

The project of bio-architecture for a single-family home with certification of class A sustainable energy. The project has three integrated volumes that are staggered at different heights to better adapt to the topography of the land, obtaining a C-shaped house around a small area outside with water and a garden with Mediterranean plants. Large glass areas facing south and small ones facing north allow effective bioclimatic building performance: the windows made with local wood act as thermal collectors in winters and the north-facing windows allow good bioclimatic building performance. It emphasizes the use of high-thermal insulation materials, such as silicate blocks that make up the outside of the building (external walls) and the use of local wood for the construction of the floors. It utilizes collection systems of solar photovoltaic energy and solar thermal is integrated in the building. The flat roofs are landscaped to improve insulation and reduce soil erosion. Meteoric waters that are captured are stored in a warehouse and used in the secondary circuits of housing (irrigation, toilet discharges, etc.)

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