We still don’t understand how the two founders, Alessandro Caviasca and Axelle Vergès (of course helped by a team of goods friends), could sell the majority of the products to municipalities (with only one wood maqueta), produce them on time, manage the installation, and that they have been illuminating (since 2002, our first installation) the public spaces where they are installed using the sun as the only source of energy.

Helios or such other goodness must have helped us….

That was such a challenge, and we are proud to have made it. Now that we have the experience, we have decided to focus on what we are made for: conceiving and creating! We are glad to give others the possibilities to make what they are made for too: producing and distributing! Carandini was the first to buy Siarq’s licences for LUX; CURVA and HOM for Spain territories. Lighting concept is now distributing our products in Morocco, we are opening markets in Brazil and the USA….but as we like to say…there is the whole world to light up! If you are interested in SIARQ’s licenses, or commercial challenge to help SIARQ gain new licenses in new territories, please contact us!

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