SIARQ in EU PVSEC 2015 for the Conference “PHOTOVOLTAICS, FORMS, LANDSCAPES: Beauty and power of designed Photovoltaics”.

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SIARQ took part in the last conference of EU PVSEC “PHOTOVOLTAICS, FORMS, LANDSCAPES: Beauty and power of designed Photovoltaicand presented the products DINOSAURIO and FASCOM. This year,the organizers of the event (European Commission, DG JRC, ENEA and ETA-Florence Renewable Energies) extended their vision towards the opportunity of demonstrating the “Beauty and Power of Designed photovoltaics ”. Internationally well known researchers, producers, architects and landscape designers have presented their concepts for making photovoltaic systems a new cultural experience that enhances the relationship between the citizens and clean energy.

SIARQ presented two main examples of how PV modules could be harmoniously integrated in a urban structure: DINOSAURIO, a multifunctional element in which 25 m2 of monocrystalline silicon plane modules are part of the morphology, and FASCOM, a new project under development that integrates an on-the-fly double bended flexible module in its structure.

For more information, visit the web page of the event ( and the Section “Parallel Events”.