Citizen centered solar design

We help you to illuminate your urban projects with solar energy, oriented to citizen's wellness.

Clean energy, caring designs

SIARQ integrates design solar energy into urban landscapes.

Green, elegant and smart cities

SIARQ works to reduce the CO2 emission of the cities.


Design and manufacture of solar lights and photovoltaic urban furniture sided with the needs of the new architecture projects


Do you have your own idea of the design that you are looking for? Let us know.


Solar lamps that chase sun and beauty. Have a look at our catalog.


Designed & manufactured in Barcelona.



Seafronts and river walks

Bike lanes and interurban connection routes

Parks, gardens and landscaping

Urban districts restyling


SHOC programme: a new opportunity to Rethink our Cities

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The Change Makers team in SIARQ, leaded by Axelle Vergés, has recently designed an innovative marketing approach for promoting SOLAR HUB: the S.H.O.C. PROGRAMME (SOLAR HUB OPEN COLLABORATION PROGRAMME). This…

SIARQ installs the first pilot installation of SOLAR HUB in Barcelona

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SIARQ has recently installed SOLAR HUB in the headquarters of Cellnex Telecom in Barcelona. The two units are installed in a controlled area known as “Smart Zone” and is the…

SIARQ solar streetlights in MEXICO

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SIARQ is increasing its international position and strengthening its distribution network. Recently Alessandro Caviasca finalized an agreement with SOLARCH, a Mexican dynamic company specialized in solar solutions, with the scope…


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The SPABRINK development started under the FP7 programme called “Research for the Benefit of SMEs” (Project No: 605299). The project was successfully completed by the end of 2015 and the...