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Avenida Diagonal 523 5ªplanta
08029 Barcelona, Spain

Tel: (+34) 93 5533913

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SHOC programme: a new opportunity to Rethink our Cities

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The Change Makers team in SIARQ, leaded by Axelle Vergés, has recently designed an innovative marketing approach for promoting SOLAR HUB: the S.H.O.C. PROGRAMME (SOLAR HUB OPEN COLLABORATION PROGRAMME). This…


SIARQ installs the first pilot installation of SOLAR HUB in Barcelona

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SIARQ has recently installed SOLAR HUB in the headquarters of Cellnex Telecom in Barcelona. The two units are installed in a controlled area known as “Smart Zone” and is the…

Solarch Pantalla

SIARQ solar streetlights in MEXICO

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SIARQ is increasing its international position and strengthening its distribution network. Recently Alessandro Caviasca finalized an agreement with SOLARCH, a Mexican dynamic company specialized in solar solutions, with the scope…



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The SPABRINK development started under the FP7 programme called “Research for the Benefit of SMEs” (Project No: 605299). The project was successfully completed by the end of 2015 and the...